Are you Yearning for more out of Life?

Welcome Beautiful,

Are you struggling with Low Confidence?
Have you lost your sense of Self? Are you going through life yearning for more? or
perhaps that Business Venture isn't exactly where you want it to be?

 If your answer is YES! to 1 or all 4 you are in the right place!

Thank you for stepping into a space dedicated to Women's emotional well-being and growth. I am Jassmine, a dedicated Strategic Psychotherapist, and I am here to Empower you through the intricate landscapes of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

With a deep understanding of NLP, Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy, I am committed to helping Women uncover their strengths, reframe their challenges to opportunities, and pave the way towards a more EmpoweredHER.

I look forward to joining you on this profound exploration of self.


Rayanne. L

Jassmine goes above and beyond for her clients and makes us feel like family! If you have life goals, trauma to work through or just want to be a better you- you need to meet Jassmine! I have worked with many therapists in the past and have not connected with anyone the way I've connected with her.

Nadia. J

Dedicated, passionate and determined to assist you upon your journey of reaching your goals. Such a pleasant experience working with someone knowledgeable and caring but also wont hold back from pushing you to reach your full potential.

Nisreen. E

Jasmine is one of the most committed and dedicated therapists i have met. She has a way with getting to the bottom of any problem and make you notice the antidote. I could not recommend her enough to anyone who needs direction, accountability or help ! Thankyou jasmine for being someone i can always come to for anything and walk away with a clear sense of direction and detachment from any problem . For ever grateful for you and the space you occupy in my heart and mind.

My Very Own Story Est. 2022

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