NLP: How to Find Your Limitless Self

NLP: How to Find Your Limitless Self

To elevate your life you must first elevate your mind and NLP teaches you how to do that. NLP start's by challenging the thoughts and beliefs you've carried throughout your whole life and these are an accumulation of observed behaviours, traits and characteristics of your caregivers and other interpersonal relationships you have had throughout your lifetime. So one could ask is really any of your values or beliefs actually your own or are they parts of other people’s values that I've now labelled mine.

NLP teaches us that if we don't question these beliefs, these thoughts we have or the perceptions we have we will continuously live a life with little change, little spontaneity and little ability to be adaptive within your current circumstances, challenges, life changes and conflict that arise throughout our lifetime.

Now very often walking into my office are clients who don't know who they are, they vary from the ages of teens, early 20s, in their 30s, 40’s and my eldest client I have had was actually 65, don't allow that to be discouraging for someone to be willing to get help even at the age of 65 is someone who wants change. So my question to you reading this is, What will it take for you to experience in order for you to make that change?

People are waiting for a perfect circumstance, for a life changing scenario, they're waiting for an external factor to be a great enough reason to outweigh their excuses and accountability for where they are in life right now. NLP shows us that as humans we are built for change, we are built to adapt, we aren’t built to keep doing the same thing over and over and over that is why a lot of people are suffering with mental illness, are suffering with depression with anxiety with low self-esteem it is because they are living a life that has little purpose, they live a mediocre life and mediocre is not what they want. However the perceptions around life and what it means to be socially and culturally accepted and belong interfere with their courageous self, with their limitless self, with the self that does serve a higher purpose than the one they are aligned with now.

As a Strategic Psychotherapist who utilises NLP approaches, it is my job to get you to question everything you have known about yourself up until now and it's my job to help you highlight the aspects of self which have served you well and how can we carry this skill set across all areas of life not only to be highlighted in your work field or perhaps in your home life or perhaps in your social contexts but how can YOU be a strong, confident, driven version of YOU across the board and that starts by finding someone such as myself to help you question the map you have created which was that same map that is an accumulation of observed thought, feeling and behaviour not a map that you have drawn yourself.

Now I know  you're ready to make this change so click the link or copy and paste it in the search bar to book a free 15 minute consultation with me so I can show you just how limitless you can become. 

Much support, Jassmine

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