MIND SPACE ACADEMY: Where has MSA been since leaving socials!

MIND SPACE ACADEMY: Where has MSA been since leaving socials!

GOOOOD MORNING/AFTERNOON/EVENING MSA FAM! (Those who followed me on insta would know exactly what that sounds like) and for those who haven’t hello there, I am glad to have you here.

Were do I start, I don’t even remember how long it has been since leaving socials… well tracking back now it was the 17th of Feb 2023 so just over two months. I remember leading up to making that decision the nerves and self-doubt were creeping in, I knew I wanted the change for my own mental health, I found social media such a draining place. Draining for motivation, for self-belief, for contentedness and just at times a great great way to procrastinate at everything.

Another aspect of doubt was stepping outside of what is normal for our generation. The online world is a place that everyone is a part of, be it for personal reasons, social, business and everything in between. People say they feel most connected online, if I’ve learnt anything during these 2 months it’s the most disconnecting place one could be a part of. Why do I say that? Social media is used as a form of escapism, it is used for disassociation, and it fuels the limiting, negative beliefs each and every individual has and often times you don’t even realise it is happening. Remembering I meet and work with a range of individuals, my youngest client being 9 and eldest 65 so I get a broad spectrum of how people process information and what influences these processes.

You are always one click away from some advice you’re searching for but may not even be reputable, one like away from feeling enough (like when did waiting for a stranger to like a post become validation), another half hour turns into 3 and then that builds the anger and agitation because reality is running behind your schedule (sounds familiar doesn’t it). Do I think all aspects of socials is bad not but in my field, and my experience I believe the negative overpowers the positive.

So, let’s get into Where MSA has been...


Might I say, if you’re not a part of it you’re totally missing out (and no I’m not being bias)

For those of you who are new here, I stepped my business away from social media and began a women’s online group where I still share my content, have discussions, run work shops and work with clients. I made this decision as for me it is quality over quantity, I know the information I am putting effort into creating is reaching an audience that hold themselves accountable and implement what I put out there rather than my efforts being at the disposal of millions of people who couldn’t care less about the value I offer.

Every week we have a theme which build upon each other as the weeks go on. Within the group I share topic videos and discussion questions which the 60 or so women participate in answering and sharing their experiences. This allows us to grow with and from one another. The women range from 17 all the way to 45 so the broad spectrum of life experience and wisdom is impeccable. We have teachers, foundation managers, mothers, students, and business owners all providing their perspectives, and support to one another.

We have covered the following themes: confidence, self-esteem, and fear of judgement. You can see how each topic begins to layer itself upon the other.

Topic One: We identified what confidence is, how it is a consistent amount of action which builds confidence and identified what we seek in others is often what we lack in ourselves.
Topic two: We identified that self-esteem is also a lack in resource/skill set between what it is we want and where we currently are. We also identified what holds us back from connecting with others and what we bring to relationships and ourselves.
Topic 3: Fear of judgement, we identified that these fears are built in our own head before anyone even criticises or judges us. Our own insecurities and inability to accept ourselves leads to us wanting to hide specific aspects of ourselves therefore we carry a fear that others too are judging us based on these preconceived threats.

Each topic had a set of tasks which also builds upon one another, beginning to create a scaffold of puzzle pieces of who it is you are wanting to become.

I also held a self-esteem workshop at a small cost and free zoom session which was an open discussion for anyone to ask questions and get some free mentoring.

That’s what we have been up to over the couple months in between beginning my naturopathy course at college (another service I cannot wait to bring to you), and diving into the realm of essential oils which is going to become an added service for my clients. These natural oils have an abundance of benefit in areas of emotional and physical dis-ease related to trauma ( I will dive into these in future posts). By increasing my expertise I am now able to combine oils tailored to my clients emotional or physical needs as an added extra to our therapy sessions.

What is to come!

The Mind Space Podcast is coming up fingers crossed by June as that is a goal I had set for myself for 2023!  I also have plans of a face to face workshop/seminar to be held by the end of 2023 and there are some whispers of a book but I wont hit you with all this excitement at once hahaha

To become a member of the MSA Women's Group please forward me your full name and phone number to support@mindspaceacademy.com.au

For any other questions or booking times you can also reach me on that same email address.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Peace (if you are an old follower, you would know that one too) 😊

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